Materials for Alcoholic Fermentation

Main tasks standing before wine-makers while carrying out alcohol fermentation are underlining of initial grape sort characteristics and predicted production of high-qualitative wine material.

Successful alcohol fermentation is the first step to qualitative wines and thus of great importance.

Wine-making yeast

Diversity of grape varieties, agricultural and biological conditions of its ripening demands individual approach to fermentation.

Thus different yeast strains able to make excellent wine in such various conditions are necessary:

  • Challenge Easy Ferm
  • Challenge Aroma White
  • Challenge Vintage White
  • Challenge Red Fruit
  • Challenge Vintage Red
  • Challenge Top 15
  • Challenge ES 123
  • Challenge ES 181
  • Challenge Ybes

Yeast nutrients

It a well known fact, that negative conditions of grape ripening and grape processing (grape ripeness, methods of juice clarification) can influence the fermentation process unfavorably.

Nutrients application allows to dispose these negative effects and provide regular and complete fermentation:

  • Nutriferm Energy
  • Nutriferm Arom
  • Nutriferm Start
  • Nutriferm Special
  • Nutriferm Advance
  • Cellferm

Tannins for fermentation of white wines

Light Tanenol Blan is pure gallotannin and helps to fix aroma molecules of white wines. Besides it improves bacteriostatic and antioxidant activity of sulfur dioxide.

  • Tanenol Blan

Polysaccharides of Proli range

Every day, more is known about the contribution made by polysaccharides to the stability and quality of wine. Proli line products help to create more complex aroma, reduce astringency, improve balance and smoothness of wine:

  • Proli Arom
  • Proli Blanco
  • Proli Tinto
  • Proli Round

Enogrup specialists possess all necessary knowledge, experience and materials able to make your wine outstanding.