Storage, Maturation, Fining and Stabilization of Wine

Preserving the high quality of wine demands application of modern technologies for storage, clarification and treatment before filling in the bottles.

Good results are achieved by means of the following solutions:

  • reliable storage of wine materials in modern s/s tanks in presence of nitrogen
  • opportune carrying out of macro- and microoxygenation
  • classical maturation of premium and selected wines in oak barrels
  • application of high-technology products for fining and stabilization
  • improvement of semi-sweet and sweet wines with natural grape juice concentrates
  • guaranteed stabilization against tartaric and protein instability
  • the use of classical technology of static tartaric stabilization by treatment with cold in tanks or use of cost effective equipment for in-flow tartaric stabilization by manufacturing of big volumes of wine
  • exact use of temperature processing for wine treatment

Individual and integrated approach to the characteristics of every wine type are highly valued by Customers of Enogrup