Heating, Pasteurization and Cold Processing

Temperature processing of must and wine is a classical tool of wine-makers and have been used for many decades.

As a result of cooperation of Enogrup engineering department and domestic wine-makers, dozens of successful projects in temperature processing with the use of most modern equipment have been worked out and fulfilled:

  • thermovinification of red grapes
  • cooling of must in flow before fermentation
  • classical clarification and must sedimentation at low temperatures before the beginning of fermentation
  • exact automatic temperature control of fermentation in every vinificator with use of cooling jackets or immersions plates
  • the use of classical combination of ultra-chillers and following preserving at low temperature in vats
  • the use of economical automatic units for tartaric stabilization in stream by production of big quantities of wine
  • one-, two-, or three -stage wine pasteurization before filling the wine in a bottle, bag-in-box or Tetrapak/ Elopak packaging

We use for the projects implementation the best equipment of European manufactures and apply individual approach on every step of adoption of new technology.