Home Wine-making

For many professionals and amateurs viticulture and wine-making has become a lifestyle and interesting hobby. Due to people fascinated by wine, the number of small wineries and amateurs is growing in all wine-making countries and even regions, where industrial viticulture has not existed.

Especially for these people Enogrup has worked out a program of solutions, which allow to use power and convenience of modern wine-making technologies for production of high-qualitative wines in home wine-making:

Alcoholic fermentation, fining

  • all spectrum of professional wine-making materials in small convenient dosages (sulfitizing agents, fining means, wine-making yeasts, yeast nutrients, enzymes, tannins etc.)

Ageing and Maturation

  • oak barrels, oak staves, oak chips
  • stainless steel tanks with floating lid and capacity from 10 till 1000 liters

Grapes receipt, crushing, pressing

  • small hoppers for receipt of grapes built-in mesh pumps
  • sorting tables for grapes
  • grape conveyours
  • manual and semiautomatic crushers and destemmers with production speed from 200 till 5000 kg per hour
  • mesh pumps of small productivity
  • basket presses with manual or hydraulic closure with capacity from 20 to 1000 liters
  • pneumatic presses of small capacity – from 600 till 5000 liters

Filtration and microfiltration

  • press-filters with 20×10 см, 20×20 cm and 40×40 plates dimensions
  • cardboard filter of best European brands in retail packaging
  • filter housings and filtration cartridges for microfiltration


  • stainless steel tanks for home wine-making – 10—20-50—100-150—200-250—500-1000 litres, with or without floating lids
  • specialized wine-making hoses

Alcohol rectification and distillation

  • hand-made copper alembics for distillation of brandy, grappa and fruit spirits, with capacity from 10 to 1000 liters

Quality control

  • manual refractometers for defining sugar content in grapes
  • alcoholmeters
  • technical and analytical scales
  • laboratory distillators
  • acidity measuring instrument

We take a great interest in viticulture and wine-making as well as You do and will gladly share our advice and recommendations.