Materials for Grape Receipt and Processing

High quality of grape and mastery of wine-maker are two most important factors influencing wine quality. If both these factors are supported by modern technologies of receipt and processing in the winery — success is secured.

Modern wine-making materials presented in ENARTIS program allow to provide a high final result:

Sulfitization means

From classical granulated potassium metabisulfite from manufacturer #1 in Europe — to liquid solution of ammonium bisulfate to modern complex products which include combinations with tannins:

  • granulated potassium metabisulfite in convenient 1 kg packaging
  • sulfitizing agents for barriques and oak vats — Efferbarrique and Effergran 5
  • sulfitizing agents for large tanks and ingenuous bringing into wine materials — Effergran, Winy, Assotan, Solfosol, Supersolfosol, Neosolfosol S


ENARTIS program includes two ranges of enzymes. Classical high qualitative enzymes of Uvasym range and brand new enzymes of Progress range combining foremost developments of biotechnology:

  • for acceleration of clarification: Uvazim 1000 S, Uvazim 1000 SL
  • for flotation: Progress Quick
  • for maceration of white wines: Uvazim Extra, Progress Character, Progress Target, Uvazim Arom MP
  • for red wine production: Uvazim Extra, Uvazim Arom MP, Progress Balance
  • for red wine production by thermovinification: Progress T-Red
  • during maturation: Uvazim Elevage
  • for microflora control: Progress Lizo


Quality of many wines can be improved by tannin application, also by use at the very beginning of grape receipt. From a wide range of ENARTIS tannins, which includes seventeen different tannin blends, two are successfully used in the process of grape crushing and maceration, before the beginning of alcoholic fermentation:

  • Tanenol FP. Adding in red wine during maceration on mesh, it interacts with tannins contained in grapes. Prevents anthocyanins from oxidation and causes fast colour formation.
  • Tanenol Rouge. Combination of tannins specially created for colouring substances stabilization and wine structure intensification. Used during maceration of red wine.