Grapes Receipt and Processing

High quality of grape and mastery of wine-maker are two most important factors influencing wine quality. If both these factors are supported by modern technologies of receipt and processing in the winery — success is secured.

All steps are important:

  • accurate weighting of incoming grapes
  • qualified estimation of its conditions with the help of modern probes and analytical equipment
  • thorough destemming and gentle crushing of berries
  • well-timed sulfitation and dispensing of enzymes
  • accurate displacement of grapes pulp by pumps into pneumatic presses and fermenters
  • reliable removal of stems and pomace after destemming and pressing
  • clarification of must before fermentation
  • constant and exact temperature control of the must

Whether it is said about development and realization of a complex project in wine processing or delivery of stand-alone pneumatic press, pump, destemmer-crusher — decisions of Enogrup are always based on long-term experience, high-quality reliable equipment and modern materials.