Materials for Secondary Fermentation and Production of Sparkling Wine

Charme is the first range of specific winemaking coadjuncts designed for tank fermented sparkling wines (Charmat method).

The objective of this range is to offer producers thoroughly validated leading edge solutions for the production of superior quality tank fermented sparkling wines.


  • Charm Floreal

    Saccharomyces cerevisiae for sparkling wine production by the Charmat or closed tank method. It delivers a refined and elegant aromatic profile with dominant floral overtones, which are enriched by spicy and fruity (fruit with white pulp) flavors.

  • Charm Fruity

    Saccharomyces cerevisiae for sparkling wine production by the Charmat or closed tank method. It favors the formation of a harmonic and intense flavor profile characterized by a dominant fruity component.


  • Nutricharm

    Ammonium salts, thiamine and yeast hulls based nutrient specifically suited for the preparation of yeast starters for the closed tank or Charmat method. It provides the elements essential to the fast development of yeast starters as well as ensuring the subsequent yeast survival under the difficult conditions of the secondary fermentation i.e. alcohol, pressure, reducing environment, low temperature.

  • Acticharm

    Nutrient specific for sparkling wines produced by the closed tank or Charmat method. Added before the secondary fermentation, it assures a regular kinetic of fermentation even at low temperature and high pressure. It prevents the appearance of sulfide character and enhances fresh, sweet aromas. It also assures a good foam production.

Fining agents

  • Stabicharm

    Agent specific for protein removal in base wines intended for sparkling wine production. It assures an efficient protein stability while preserving wine foaming properties.

  • Claricharm

    Concentrated solution containing 200 g/L of high quality fish gelatin. In association with Stabicharme, it is very effective in the clarification of base wines where it is responsible for a rapid and complete cleaning of the wine.

Yeast polysaccharides

  • Charm’Lee

    Yeast derivative to be used during the second fermentation in pressure tanks. It release high amount of mannoproteins and antioxidant factors (glutathione). In white wines it promotes foaming potential and protein stability.