Alcoholic Fermentation

Main tasks which face wine-makers while carrying out alcoholic fermentation are underlining of initial varietal characteristics of grapes and predicted production of high-quality wine.

Modern technology methods allow to provide high ultimate result:

  • classical clarification and must sedimentation under cooling before the beginning of fermentation
  • effective removal of suspended solids with the help of flotation systems and centrifugal separators
  • pulp and must heating for red wine vinification
  • reliable construction of vertical, horizontal, rotary and blade vinificators for red, white and rose wines
  • well-predicted and complete fermentation with the use of active dry yeast cultures, yeast nutrients and polysaccharides
  • exact temperature control of fermentation in each vinificator and tank
  • powerful extraction of colouring and phenolic substances provided by modern enzymes
  • guaranteed renewal of stucked and sluggish fermentation

Specialists of Enogrup possess all necessary knowledge, experience and materials which are able to make Your wine inimitable.