Materials for Bag-in-Box Process

Filling of beverages into Bag-in-Box (BIB) for the latest decade has become a strong and popular alternative to the classical bottle filling.

In our delivery program there is a full spectrum of first-rate European products for Bag-in-Box technology:

Filtration before filling

  • cardboard filter for polishing, fine and sterile filtration with sizes 20×20 сm, 40×40 сm, 60×60 сm, 80×80 сm and 100×100 сm
  • cartridge/candle filtration elements for microfiltration before filling

Bag-in-Box and Bag-in-Tube bags

  • all solutions for wineries are based on adaptor VITOP – world leader in BIB technology from SMARFIT KAPPA BAG-IN-BOX (France)
  • full range of bags from SMAFIT KAPPA (France) – 2 liters, 3 liters, 10 liters, 20 liters, 220 liters
  • robust metalized bags (PET-MET) or reinforced transparent bags (EVOH) for difficult process conditions

Packages Bag-in-Box for aseptic filling of concentrated juices and fruit / vegetable purees

bags for aseptic filling of pouring of concentrated juice, fruit/vegetable purée, milk products and mineral water

Training and support of Customer’s personnel in introduction of BIB technology

in production workshops and logistics departments

Dozens of enterprises in Russia, Ukraine and Moldova use Enogrup BIB solutions today. Bag–In-Box products successfully broaden the product portfolio of our Customers and in some cases became main part of the range due to spectacular appearance and low-cost packing.