Equipment for Storage, Maturation, Fining and Stabilization of wine

Preserving of high quality wine, received during harvest and fermentation demands application of modern technologies of fining, storage and maturation.

Enogrup presents a complete program of equipment:

  • modern stainless steel tanks: horizontal, vertical as well as customer’s specific in options and dimensions
  • ultra-chillers for classical technology of in-flow cooling for guarantee of tartaric stability
  • automatic units for tartaric stabilization of large wine quantities
  • one-, two- and three-stage pasteurizers for processing while wine treatment in storage and before filling into a bottle, bag-in-box or Tetrapak/ Elopak packing
  • pumps for wine transfer: piston and centrifugal
  • nitrogen generators
  • manual and automatic units for macro- and micro oxygenation
  • equipment for filling, drainage and cleaning of oak barrels
  • racks for storage and processing of oak barrels

Integrated and individual approach to individual features of every kind of wine which Enogrup technologists provide are highly valued by our Customers.