Equipment for Grapes Receipt and Processing

High quality of grape and mastery of wine-maker are two most important factors influencing wine quality. If both these factors are supported by modern technologies of receipt and processing in the winery — success is secured.

Enogrup program of equipment for grapes receipt and processing includes:

  • mechanical and electronic scales for coming grapes weighing
  • modern robots for sample selection of grapes coming to a factory
  • stations of sugar analysis, total acidity, PH and other critical characteristics necessary for grape condition defining
  • separation tables separators for manual selection of elite grapes
  • grape receipt hoppers, also in customer’s specific execution
  • destemmer-crushers with productivity from 200 kg till 100 tons per hour
  • systems of manual and automatic dosage of sulfur dioxide and enzymes
  • mesh pumps of all kinds: piston, mono-, elliptic rotor, peristaltic
  • conveyors for evacuation of pomace and stems
  • pneumatic presses with capacity from 600 kg to 150 tons of single loading
  • flotation units
  • centrifugal separators
  • chillers for in-flow must cooling and temperature control of fermentation
  • heat exchangers for must cooling in-flow before sedimentation and fermentation and heating while producing red wines

Whether it is said about development and fulfillment of complex project of a factory in grape processing or delivery of a separate pump, destemmer-crusher, or press – decisions of Enogrup are always based on long-term experience, and high-qualitative reliable equipment.