Equipment for Filling, Closing, Labeling and Marking of Beverages

High quality of solution from Enogrup in filling technologies found confirmation in more than a hundred implemented projects in all countries of CIS.

Bottling equipment from acknowledged European leaders guarantees qualitative filling of finished product within complete production process:

Filtration and pasteurization

  • Press-filters for cardboard with plates sizes 20×20 сm, 40×40 сm, 60×60 сm, 80×80 сm and 100×100 сm
  • systems of cartridge/candle micro filtration: housings for cartridges, multistage microfiltration units with manual and automatic control
  • one-, two-, or three -stage wine pasteurizers used for treatment before filling the wine in a bottle, bag-in-box or Tetrapak/ Elopak packaging

Bottle preparation

  • Bottle-washing machines and rinsers, including multi-stage in different combinations: SO2+sterile water, sterile water+ air, ozonized water)
  • Drying and cleaning machines for outer surface of the bottles
  • Drying tunnels and bottle pasteurizers for champagne bottles


  • Filling machines with productivity from 200 to 12 000 bottles per hour – by level, be volume, gravity fillers, vacuum fillers vacuum for wine and strong alcoholic drinks
  • Equipment for sterile cold filling
  • Isobaric fillers for champagne, effervescent wines, carbonated drinks and mineral water
  • Filling under pressure for viscous goods (oils, syrups)

Packing, inspection and decoration

  • Machines for closing with stoppers, plastic stoppers, application of wax and sealing-wax caps
  • Equipment for optical inspection and electronic control of fiiling quality
  • Wirehooding machines for champagne bottles
  • Machines for dispensing and shrinking of wine PVC caps, smoothing of aluminium and polylaminated wine caps and champagne capsules

Labeling and marking:

  • labeling machines for all kinds of labels – on cold glue, self-adhesive labels and tax- strip marks, hot-melt glue
  • stand-alone stations for self-adhesive labels and stickers
  • ink-jet printers for marking of all kinds of products — bottles, labels, boxes, glass and plastic containers, ceramic tiles, cables and pipes.

Packing and palletizing

  • Carton forming machines, robots for packing of bottles and containers into cartons and crates, palletizers, depalletizers

Activity of Enogrup engineering department on bottling projects is based on two main principles – efficiency of decisions and guaranteed service for non-stop production of installed equipment