Materials for Home Wine-making

For many professionals and amateurs viticulture and wine-making has become a lifestyle and interesting hobby. Due to people fascinated by wine, the number of small wineries and amateurs is growing in all wine-making countries and even regions, where industrial viticulture has not existed.

Our offices, stocks and shops are conveniently situated in wine-making regions. A constant availability of wide range of wine-making products in retail packaging give our customers the possibility to create own unique wines in small lots using professional materials.

Alcohol fermentation and fining

  • sulfitizing agents means in retail packets
  • enzymes for clarification and maturation
  • wine-making yeasts for red and white wines
  • yeast nutrients
  • yeasts and grape polysaccharides
  • Surli line
  • Proli line

Fining agents

  • Bentonites — sodium, calcium and their combinations
  • fish glue
  • allergen-free agents
  • complex agents
  • albumin
  • gelatins
  • caseinates
  • PVPP

Stabilization agents

  • Activated carbon
  • Arabic gum
  • metatartaric acid
  • tartaric acid
  • potassium bitartrate
  • agents for biological and physical stabilization

Full range of tannins

  • Oak tannins
  • grape seed and grape skin tannins
  • complex tannins
  • Unico range

Materials for malo-lactic fermentation

  • Bacteria range for malo-lactic fermentation
  • nutrients

Maturation and storage

Oak barrels

  • from French and American oak-tree
  • classical 225 liter barriques and smaller barrels form 10 to 100 liters
  • semiautomatic units for filling, washing and emptying of barrels
  • silicone bungs, mastic for barrels maintenance
  • professional racks for oak barrels storage
  • professional instruments for for oak barrels filling and maintanance

Oak staves and chips

  • various aromas and degrees of toasting
  • Materials for winery sanitation and hygiene
  • anti-oxidating agents, washing agents, means for washing and sterilization of oak barrels

Specialized wine-making hoses

Quality control

  • manual refractometers for grape sugar content defining
  • alcoholometers
  • technical and analytical scales
  • laboratory distillers
  • acidity meters

Filtration and microfiltration

  • cardboard filter of best European marks in a retail packaging (10×20, 20×20, 40×40 cm)
  • filter elements for microfiltration with productivity from 50 liters per hour

Filling and corking

  • Cork stoppers — different dimension types, also for manual corking
  • PVC-caps for bottle decoration
  • Bags for Bag-In-Box process — 2 liters, 3 liters, 10 and 20 liters

We take a great interest in viticulture and wine-making as well as You do and will gladly share our knowledge and recommendations.