Equipment for Alcoholic Fermentation

Main tasks standing before wine-makers while carrying out alcohol fermentation are underlining of initial grape sort characteristics and predicted production of high-qualitative wine material.

Enogrup program for alcohol fermentation equipment includes following positions:

  • classical vertical and horizontal vinificators and fermentation tanks for white, rose and red wines
  • effective rotative, piston and horizontal vane vinificators for maceration
  • mobile and built-in agitators
  • chillers for in-flow must cooling and fermentation temperature control
  • systems of automatic fermentation temperature control in vinificators and tanks
  • submersible aprons and coils for fermentation temperature control
  • heat exchangers for must cooling in-flow before sedimentation and fermentation and heating while producing red wines
  • effective removal of solids with the help of flotation systems and centrifugal separators
  • completed systems of mesh heating for red wines production by thermovinification

Specialists of Enogrup possess all necessary knowledge, experience and materials ready to make Your wine unique.