Filtration Equipment

Filtration is an important tool in wine-maker’s hands without considered application of which modern wine production is impossible.

We offer our customers a long-term experience of best European filtration technologies:

  • centrifugal separators
  • manual, semiautomatic and automatic flotation systems
  • rotary drum vacuum filters with filtration surface from 2,5 to 60 sq. m.
  • kieselguhr filters: with manual or automatic discharge with filtration surface from 1,5 to 100 sq. km
  • cross-flow systems (tangential filters) – from 3 to 50 modules
  • filter-presses for cardboard filter with sized 10×20 cm, 20×20 cm, 40×40 сm, 60×60 сm, 80×80 сm and 100×100 сm
  • systems of cartridge micro filtration: housings for cartridges, multistage microfiltration units with manual and automatic control
  • water preparation and reverse osmosis equipment
  • filtration equipment for gases, compressed air, carbon dioxide
  • systems for quality control of filtration process

Experience of our technologists allow to select and introduce a suitable filtration solution on all process stages: from filtrate analysis to brilliant final result in the bottle.