Equipment for Heating, Pasteurization and Cold Treatment

Treatment of must and wine with high and low temperature is classical wine-makers’ tool and has been used over decades.

As a result of cooperation of Enogrup engineering department and domestic wine-makers, dozens of successful projects in temperature treatment with the use of most modern equipment have been worked out and fulfilled:

  • Heat exchangers: pate, shell-and-pipes, tube-in-tube
  • Tube-in-tube heat exchangers for heating of red grapes mesh before fermentation while producing red wines by thermo-vinification
  • Tube-in-tube heat exchangers for cooling must and mesh in flow
  • Water heating boilers working with natural gas or diesel oil
  • Chillers for cooling must and mesh in flow
  • Complete automated systems for must cooling and control of fermentation temperature in tanks
  • Submersible aprons and coil
  • Ultra chillers with scrape cylinders for tartaric stabilization of wine and brandy
  • Chillers with different types of compressors
  • Economical automatic units for tartaric stabilization in flow by production of big quantities of wine
  • one-, two-, or three -stage wine pasteurizers used for treatment before filling the wine in a bottle, bag-in-box or Tetrapak/ Elopak packaging

We use best equipment of European manufacturers and apply individual approach on every stage of new technology introduction for projects implementation.