Equipment for Bag-in-Box Process

Filling of beverages into Bag-in-Box (BIB) for the latest decade has become a strong and popular alternative to the classical bottle filling.

Following its constant strategy Enogrup offers a completed program of equipment for Bag-in-Box technology:

  • filter-presses for cardboard filter with sized 10×20 cm, 20×20 cm, 40×40 сm, 60×60 сm, 80×80 сm and 100×100 сm
  • systems of cartridge/candle micro filtration: housings for cartridges, multistage microfiltration units with manual and automatic control
  • water preparation and reverse osmosis equipment
  • one-, two-, or three -stage wine pasteurizers used for treatment before filling
  • Manual and semiautomatic Bag-in-box filling machines, equipped according to the Customer’s wish with all spectrum of necessary options:

    • productivity from 1000 to 12000 liters per hour
    • product transfer pumps
    • buffer tanks
    • equipment of automatic cleaning after the end of a production cycle
    • vacuum systems of pumping out air febore filling the bag
    • inert gas injection
    • automatic bag discharge after the end of production cycle
    • roller conveyors
  • Equipment for aseptic filling and “ultra-clean” technology of juices and diary products into 10—20-220 liter bags
  • Completed automatic lines in filling into bags, carton forming and packing the bags into cartons
  • Training and support of Customer’s personnel in introduction of BIB technology — in production workshops and logistics departments

Dozens of enterprises in Russia, Ukraine and Moldova use Enogrup BIB solutions today.

Bag–In-Box products successfully broaden the product portfolio of our Customers and in some cases became main part of the range due to spectacular appearance and low-cost packing.