Materials for Fining, Maturation and Stabilization of Wine

Enogrup offers a complete range of materials for fining, storage, maturation and stabilization of wine which includes more than 150 high-quality products from best European producers.

Fining agents

  • Bentonites — sodium, calcium and their combinations
  • fish glue
  • allergen-free agents
  • complex agents
  • albumin
  • gelatins
  • caseinates
  • PVPP

Stabilization agents

  • activated carbon
  • arabic gum
  • metatartaric acid
  • tartaric acid
  • potassium bitartrate
  • agents for biological and physical stabilization

Full range of tannins

  • Oak tannins
  • grape seed and grape skin tannins
  • complex tannins
  • Unico range

Yeast and grape polysaccharides

  • Surli One
  • Surli Round
  • Surli Arom
  • Surli Elevage
  • Surli Vitis

Maturation enzymes

  • Uvazim Elevage

Materials for malo-lactic fermentation

  • Bacteria range for malo-lactic fermentation
  • nutrients

Oak barrels

  • from French and American oak-tree
  • classical 225 liter barriques and oak vats of big capacity

Oak staves and chips

  • various aromas and degrees of toasting

Materials for winery sanitation and hygiene

  • anti-oxidating agents, washing agents, means for washing and sterilization of oak barrels

Fresh concentrated grape juice

  • White
  • white deionized
  • red sap of various concentrations

Natural extract of grape skin (anthocyanin)

  • Various concentration
  • liquid and granulated